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Chieko Yasuda

- Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
- Founder of Holistic Life - Hypnotherapy and Meditation Salon

Chieko was born and grown up in Japan. After graduation from the university in Japan, she had started working as a store manager and event planner for a big retail company. While engaged in full-time job, her interests in going abroad, living in different environment and experiencing more human cultural diversity, had grown in her mind. These interests drove her to participate Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer program as a volunteer to Bangladesh.

The 2 years’ volunteer experience in Bangladesh totally changed her career to a development practitioner in community development. After obtaining Master Degree from USA regarding international community development, for last 20+ years she had worked as a development consultant for several development projects under the Japanese government in various countries. Throughout her extensive experiences in development countries, she gradually realized happiness and peace for humans is not brought only by material sufficiency. Rather, mental status is much more critical and important. She has also been nourishing her interest in spiritual continuity beyond lifetime.

Her path to promote mind peace and happiness among people has begun in 2015. She has started Vipassana meditation (the method promoted by S.N. Goenka) after her own suffering experience from mental depression. She became a certified clinical hypnotherapist both in Japan and in USA and started hypnotherapy practice in Bangladesh in 2018 as a pioneer in the country to further support people to achieve better-lives by using their own mind power.

She currently lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh with Bangladeshi husband and two cats. She can speak both Bengali and English fluently.


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