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Therapy Session Flow

Our hypnotherapy session is typically conducted as follows:

1. Arrival at the Salon

Relaxed and loose clothes is advised. Sufficient sleep on previous night is recommended.
No toxic intake and excessive spicy food on the previous day.
Please come on time for your appointment. The session duration may be shorten in case of delay.

2. Sign to the consent form

Your signature is required after reading a consent form related to the several matters. For example, we do not conduct hypnotherapy if a person under medical treatment and medication of psychiatric disease. For Bangladesh nationals, please bring NID for verification.

3. Personal counseling prior to the therapy

Detail personal counseling is made for 30 minutes to 1 hour according to your purpose and expectation to the therapy. Explanation of hypnosis and hypnosis receptiveness test are also conducted during counseling.

Note: For Mind Relaxation Therapy, 10 minutes hypnosis explanation and receptiveness test are conducted and personal counseling is not included.

4. Therapy session

The therapy is conducted following the guidance of the therapist. During the therapy, your body is very relaxed in an easy chair. Your conscious mind is very calm and clear while your subconscious mind becomes active. Around 30 minutes’ duration for Mind Relaxation Therapy (Hypnotherapy Trial) and 30 minutes to 1 hour hypnosis session for GIFT. Past Life Regression Therapy, Age Regression Therapy and Grief Therapy need longer hypnosis duration around 2 hours.

5. Awakening and feed-back after the therapy

After awakening from hypnosis, sharing and feed-back is made through discussion with the therapist. Messages from your own subconscious mind sometimes understood. If you do GIFT, the home task may be given by the therapist till the next appointment.