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Hypnotherapy Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Will I lose consciousness during hypnosis?

A:A person does not lose awareness or fall asleep while in hypnosis. She/he is alert and aware of everything at all times and hears everything the hypnotherapist says.

Q:Will I surrender my will or lose control over my will?

A:All hypnosis is a kind of self-hypnosis. The ability or depth of hypnosis is a subjective experience. A hypnotherapist guides and develops a hypnotic state, the client is always in control.

Q:Can people be hypnotized against their will?

A:A person cannot be hypnotized against her/his will. Hypnosis can be successfully done when trust and cooperation exist between a client and a hypnotherapist.

Q: Will people tell any secrets while in hypnosis?

A:No, hypnosis is not a “truth serum”. A person will not reveal any intimate secrets during her/his hypnotic state which she/he would not want to tell while awake.

Q:What happens if I cannot get out of hypnosis or get stuck?

A:No such situation occurs. Since a client has the control, there is no difficulty in terminating the hypnotic state. Even if nothing is done, the hypnotic state will be broken after 15-20 minutes.

Q:Do people remember what happened during hypnotic state?

A:Hypnosis state is not a state during sleep. She/he remembers everything she/he said/saw/heard during the session. She/he may sometimes, after several days/weeks from the session, understand the meaning of messages from her/his subconscious mind during the hypnotherapy.

Q:Does hypnosis weaken the will?

A:The will is not weakened or changed in any way. A client is always in control and cannot be made to do anything against her/his will.

Q:Can a person become addicted to hypnosis or can it be habit-forming as a drug?

A.:No. A client can resist hypnosis at any time, no matter how many times she/he has been hypnotized.

Q.:What is GIFT (Goal Image Focusing Technique)?

A:The GIFT is an imaginary procedure perfectly adaptable to hypnotic techniques. It is an effective technique for a client who wish to achieve a specific goal or reduce problems, such as weight control, smoking problems, stage fright and various phobias, as well as many superficial behaviors and personality problems. A client and a hypnotherapist work together to achieve a goal.

Q.:I often have emotional outbursts and because of that, relationship with my family is getting problematic. Which therapy is suitable for me?

A:Your situation and feeling are thoroughly listened by our therapist during a counseling. After that, particular therapy is chosen by mutual understanding between you and the therapist. So, no need for choosing one program when making an appointment if you are not sure.

Q.:I have relationship problem with my partner, but do not know the solution. Can hypnotherapy solve such a kind of problem?

A:It is clinically proven that hypnotherapy, especially Past Life Regression Therapy, works remarkably well for understanding the root causes of such strained relationship.