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Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy enables you to have images of your previous life under hypnosis. It works in your subconscious mind while your conscious mind is also awake and experiences what was happening in that life.

Prior to the session, a specific issue, such as unsolved and recurrent physical or emotional problems, in your present situation is thoroughly discussed with the therapist. With guided imaginary and relaxation method, you are gently regressed back in time to your earliest memories and further back to your previous lives where the specific issue is related.

By re-experiencing the important events of the specific past life focusing on unresolved emotions, problems and conflicts, you explore the root cause of problems, issues and unwanted feelings of your current lifetime. Your subconscious mind gives you deep insight which transforms your current life towards a balanced and harmonized one full of positive energy.

Regardless of those images in your subconscious mind are true memories of the past life or not, Past Life Regression Therapy is tremendously powerful and effective in resolving current issue which have no rational causes. Although we never will be able to conclusively prove that we have lived before, clinical experience tells that the benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy for personal healing and empowerment are remarkable.

Particularly, if you are stuck in a persistent problem or long-lasting fear or pain, Past Life Regression Therapy helps you to get out from the situation. Also, this therapy effectively works to solve relationship problems with partners, family members or specific person surrounding you.

Past Life Regression Therapy brings positive change to you through:

Since the middle of 20th century, Past Life Regression Therapy has been practiced a clinical method in psychotherapy. In 1988, in his book “Many Lives, Many Masters”, Dr. Brian Weiss, a psychiatrist in USA, shared his clinical experience on one patient who had gone back to her past life during her treatment under hypnosis. As this publication was spread out throughout the world, Past Life Regression Therapy also became widely introduced and practiced. Now a days, Past Life Regression Therapy is conducted as one of the effective methods in clinical hypnotherapy in USA, England and other Western countries.

Past Life Regression Therapy transmits important messages to your spirit from your own deep subconscious mind. The messages heals and gives you lessons of love, compassion, forgiveness, wisdom and insight to improve your current life -- often only in one therapy session which takes around 3 hours.