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Meditation Guidance

Anapana Sati meditation (Breath observation for mindfulness)

Anapana Sati meditation, a meditation method which is practiced as a preparatory stage for doing Vipassana meditation by S.N.Goenka, is introduced under guidance.

Meditation helps you to reduce mental stress, to enhance immunity of your body and to increase your brain capability, such as concentration and memory function. Effectiveness of meditation on human mind and body is scientifically studied and proven. Doing regular meditation in proper way is very important for continuing meditation in deep mind.

Following to a guidance, you practically do 20 minutes Anapana Sati meditation. In this method, you observe your own out-going and in-coming breath in calm mind. Total 40-50 minutes guidance session is conducted including wrap-up and explanation of meditation. Once you attend a guidance session, you practice meditation by yourself. It is advisable to practice every day for realizing optimal benefit of meditation to your mind and body.

Group meditation sitting is also useful for keeping motivation and practice, so participation to our occasional group meditation is advisable.

Group meditation sitting

Group meditation sitting is occasionally organized at our salon. Those who do regular practice of Anapana Sati meditation at home after participating our meditation guidance are welcome to participate in the group meditation sitting. Also, people who do mindfulness meditation by using breath observation technique can attend a group meditation.

You understand how meditation helps your mindful life when you keep practicing regularly. However, sometimes it may be difficult to do regular meditation by yourself. So, Group meditation sitting is a good opportunity to keep your motivation as well as to increase your meditation quality.

Besides Group meditation shitting organize by our salon, you can use the place for meditation purpose for your particular group, family or friends by appointment. Please send a query to us.

Contacts and Appointment

Meditation guidance is for 18+ all adult. Guidance to group is also available.

Also group meditation guidance for senior management and other employees at offices and work places can be separately arranged by appointment. Please send a query.

All contacts and appointments are made through email correspondence. Please fill-up the Contacts and Appointment form and send it to us. We will revert back to you by email at our earliest.
*Note: Please check your email settings so that our email properly goes to your inbox.

Salon Facility Fee

For utility and other necessary cost, the following salon facility fee is required. Cash only, payable at the salon.

ProgramFee (per person)
Meditation guidance500 TK
Group meditation sitting300 TK